Optimize Your Diagnostic Testing Using The Best Transport Media

PCR testingOptimize your diagnostic testing with the best media for sample transport


Transport MediaTo maximize the diagnostic potential of your diagnostic samples, the WVDL recommends using M6 viral transport media (red arrow) or sterile saline for any PCR testing.  Samples should be sent on ice overnight to WVDL using our low-cost UPS shipping. Aimes charcoal (yellow arrow) and Porta-cul agar gel media are best used for culture and antimicrobial sensitivity testing but in general, bacterial culture transport systems have inhibitory substances that may interfere with PCR testing.  Aimes and all other bacterial culture medias will NO LONGER be accepted for PCR tests.

It is also important to remember that wood and cotton swabs are not appropriate for PCR because they are manufactured with bleach, which damages nucleic acid.  Use polyester or Dacron with plastic sticks.  Please see our website to order media and collection supplies.