Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I contact a WVDL staff veterinarian or other staff? What if I don’t know who should handle my question?

A. All service inquires should be from a veterinarian or their staff. Please phone our receptionist at your nearest lab, explain your need, and ask them to connect you with the most appropriate person. Additionally, you may send e-mail to and it will get routed to the appropriate person.

  • For Madison, phone (608) 262-5432, or Toll Free (800) 608-8387.
  • For Barron, phone (715) 637-3151, or Toll Free (800) 771-8387.

Q. How do I make a submission to the lab?

A. All submissions must be made through a veterinarian. New veterinary customers should phone the lab first.

Q. How do I know if my submission was received by the lab?

A. In general our information system automatically sends a confirmation of sample receipt. It will detail your submission information and provide an Accession Number for reference. An exception is that a sample receipt report will not be sent for certain tests that are performed and reported out the same day as samples arrive (e.g., EIA tests).

Q. How do I receive my lab test results?

A. WVDL sends result reports via email and FAX. For a fee we will also “snail-mail” result reports for finalized accessions through the US Postal Service for any client who has neither email nor FAX capabilities. E-mail is by far the most efficient for result reports.

Q. How do I receive my preliminary test results?

A. If a test that was performed has useful preliminary results, they can be sent via e-mail or FAX. Be sure to indicate on your submission form that you desire preliminary result reports for specified tests.

Q. What are your prices and how can I pay?

A. Prices are subject to change (see Test & Fees). We accept payments by various methods. The easiest way for both you and the WVDL is for you pay by credit card using the “Pay Bill” button at the bottom of the WVDL home page. Please phone the WVDL Finance section if you have any questions.

Q. Who will win the next game?

A. Although it is a Frequently Asked Question, WVDL staff may not know for sure. We remain a hot bed of unbridled optimism.

LIMS-related FAQ

Q. What is a LIMS? 

A.  A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is software system that manages samples and their associated data. By using a LIMS, a laboratory can automate workflows, integrate instruments, and manage samples and associated information. Laboratories can also produce results faster and can track data. 

Q. Why is WVDL upgrading our LIMS?

  1. A.  The field of veterinary diagnostics is continuously evolving as are software systems that manage data, workflows, communications, and so much more.  Our new LIMS will improve laboratory efficiencies and better support our client needs, by:  
  • Automated workflows and equipment integration, reducing opportunities for human error 
  • A more robust communication system that supports both internal and external correspondences 
  • Improved data management and downstream analytics  
  • New Client Portal with e-submission functionality 
  • Reformatted final reports 

Q. Will the implementation process involve Clients?

A.  Yes, but minimallyPlease watch your inbox as we may reach out to confirm account information. 

Q.  How will this change impact me? 

AIf you are a client, you will see new functions in the  client portal. You will be able to create your own submissions, view billing information (i.e. per-accession invoices and monthly statements), and access reports. 

Q. How will I need to prepare for the new LIMS before implementation?

AIf you are a client, please watch your inbox. We will be asking you to update some data, including choosing a unique email address. 

Q.  Will the client portal change? 

A.  Yes, the current client portal will be replaced when we implement the new LIMS system. The new portal will offer more features and functionality.

 Q.  Will there be training for the new client portal?

A.  Yes, we will provide training to all clients before and after implementation of the new LIMS system. You can find instructor-led video recordings on the WVDL website ( for at least two weeks before implementation and at least three months after

Q. Will this change the cost of testing?

A. No.

Q.  How do I learn more about this upcoming change?

A.  WVDL will post the latest information on our website,  We will also provide news releases via email and our Quarterly Newsletter. All questions and/or concerns may be sent to or speak to us directly at 608-262-5432.