COFL Portal Resources

New Clients:

  • To get set up for electronics submissions and results in our new client portal, please fill out our New Client Form
  • You will have a response within 3 business days to help you get started.
  • Can’t wait that long? Review our Submissions Guidelines or contact us for help with submitting samples immediately.

Existing Clients:

  • The COFL Client portal is open!
  • If you missed the window to reset your account password in the new system, simply enter your email and click “Forgot your password?”
  • This will trigger an email that will walk you through the steps of gaining access into the new portal.


UW-Madison Clients:

  • Click on the “NetID Login” to use your for multi-factor authentication

High Volume Clients:

  • We will continue to support our current bulk spreadsheet into Fall of 2024, but we want to let you know about some new options:
  • Clients can submit samples using an Excel file bulk import. A video demonstration can be found below.  We can provide additional demos for clients as requested.
  • Results reporting can be automated using an API.
    Automated submission process using an API is anticipated for release and use on or around August 1.
  • We are also developing a reporting tool with the COFL team to automate export of CSV files for larger clients for which API links are out of reach.  We anticipate introducing this option in Fall of 2024.

Archived Test Results

  • You can access the archived client portal until September 30, 2024.
  • We will keep your records for 10 years after finalization of results. You can request them by contacting our Client Services Team at 800-608-8387 or 608-262-5432.

COFL Portal Updates

  • Changes to the Reports and Report Layouts

    While change can be uncomfortable, we are excited about the upcoming upgrades, including: Early Viewing of Individual Test Results: You can view individual test results in the Client Portal–even before the case is finalized. Finalized Report …

  • Section Preliminary Report Changes

    Many WVDL testing sections have previously sent preliminary reports as a service to our clients to decrease the wait until the final necropsy report to be generated. With the new LIMS system, clients can access …

  • Changes to Bacterial Names

    Recently, several bacterial name changes have occurred.  Mycoplasma and Clostridium species are the most significant name changes.  Several Mycoplasma were renamed to the genus Mycoplasmopsis including M. bovis, M. bovigenitalium, M. meleagridis and M. synoviae.  …

  • Specific PCR Reporting Changes

    In the new LIMS, WVDL has made some changes regarding reporting of a few PCR assays that detect and differentiate 2 or more strains of the same organism. Previously, we reported one result and if …

  • Updates to serum neutralization assays

    Serum neutralizations will be routinely screened and reported at the screening dilution listed in the chart below.  If an endpoint dilution is desired, that test code must specifically requested on the submission form. Assay Screening …

  • Molecular Test Code Description Changes

    Our section would like to highlight some test code name/description changes that will take place in the new LIMS, this is to reflex the recent names change for organism or the use of proper scientific …

  • Respiratory Panels that Include Bacteriology and Molecular Diagnostic will be offered Separately Only

    With the start of CoreOne for Labs as the WVDL’s laboratory information management system (LIMS), the WVDL will be divorcing the bacterial culture and molecular diagnostic PCR tests.  The targets and quality of the tests …

  • PCR Test Interpretation Changes

    With the implementation of the new LIMS system (COFL) at WVDL, molecular results will be reported differently than our previous LIMS system. Currently we report results as either positive, weak positive,  negative, inconclusive or undetermined. …

  • Update to Bovine herpesvirus Type 1 competitive ELISA

    40004 Bovine herpesvirus Type 1 competitive ELISA (previously IBR cELISA) will report “INCONCLUSIVE” for any grey zone or high grey zone results and the optical density (OD) will be printed on the LIMS report.  If …

  • Update to BVD PCR Test Codes

    Bovine viral diarrhea PCR test codes and prices will be updated in the new LIMS. For Individual PCR testing, use 30484 Bovine viral diarrhea virus Real Time PCR test code, the cost is set at …

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