Jerky Pet Treats Update

Jerky Pet Treats Update

The FDA has recently released an official product safety report on chicken jerky pet treats.  Warnings have been issued since 2007 against the use of these products due to their apparent correlation with renal failure, yet as of September 2013 over 3000 complaints have been filed.

FDA Report

Notable links included in the report consist of a Fact Sheet for Pet Owners (vets are encouraged to distribute this to their clients).

An analytical results summary of this investigation performed by the FDA and various VET-LIRN laboratories is published in the Investigation Rationale and Results.

WVDL is a Vet-LIRN lab.

During 2007, FDA noted a number of adverse event consumer complaints associated with consumption of jerky pet treats. Product testing did not identify a causative agent, thus FDA issued a cautionary warning regarding chicken jerky products to consumers in 2007 and a Preliminary Animal Health Notification in 2008. There were fewer complaints during 2009 and 2010, but increasing numbers in 2011 generated a third FDA warning in November of the same year. As of September 24, 2013, FDA has received approximately 3000 reports of pet illnesses which may be related to consumption of the jerky treats.

Vet-LIRN became actively involved in pet jerky treats investigation at the end of 2011. We obtain medical histories of pets that have been seen by a veterinarian, and based on the case profile, we plan and organize testing of treats collected from the consumer. Testing is performed by FDA laboratories and other animal health diagnostic laboratories in our network. Vet-LIRN also coordinates collection and testing of diagnostic material and tissues from affected animals. Our cooperation with experts from government and veterinary diagnostic laboratories across the country will provide a high level of professional expertise to provide greater insight into pet jerky treats related illness. The most recent document describing the Investigation Rationale and Results was posted October 22, 2013.