Winter and Extreme Cold notification

Winter and Extreme Cold notification

Winter and extreme cold came early to Wisconsin this year.  As a result, caloric requirements of young calves increase dramatically. Feeding calves milk or milk replacer more than two times a day, if possible, helps provide additional calories. In addition, calf jackets help to mitigate the effects of extreme cold. Sick calves are especially susceptible to starvation in this weather.

The extreme cold weather also affects samples sent to WVDL, especially blood tubes and formalinized tissues, which can be damaged by a hard freeze. This may affect the ability of the lab to run the requested testing. Please see the helpful hints below, provided by WVDL Specimen Receiving staff.

Helpful shipping hints:

  1.  If possible, try to avoid shipping on Fridays and before the holidays. This will help prevent samples from prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures.
  2.  Use foam insulated shippers. They help protect specimens from extremely cold temperatures.

Stay warm and happy holidays from WVDL!