The  WVDL Board of Directors approved the following in-state prices on oral fluid samples for porcine tests at its March meeting:



(PRRS Ab ELISA on Oral Fluids)  


SECD PCR Panel: $65

(SECD- Swine Enteric Corona Disease PCR’s consisting of PEDV PCR, TGEV PCR, SDCOV PCR on oral fluids)



(PRRS NA and EU PCR on oral fluids)


Porcine Oral Fluid Panel: $80

(Porcine oral fluid panel = panel that includes all PCR tests in SECD PCR Panel and PRRS PCR Panel)



Important reminders (24-hour turnaround time may be extended if samples require repeat testing):


  • Testing days for PRRS ELISA: Wednesday; 24-hr turnaround time; need samples by noon on Tuesday
  • Testing days for all porcine PCR’s: Tuesday; 24-hr turnaround time; need samples by noon on Monday
  • Please submit a minimum of 5 ml of oral fluids in a 50 ml conical tube



The composite oral fluids sample from the rope should represent the majority of animals in a pen.  See DATCP’s information website at https://www.aasv.org/shap/issues/v22n3/v22n3p138.pdf .


*Keep in mind that the antibody PRRS ELISA test will likely be POSITIVE for vaccinated animals.  It is also possible that oral fluids from pigs feeding on diets supplemented with spray-dried plasma of porcine origin may test POSITIVE on the PRRS ELISA due to the presence of PRRS virus antibodies in the porcine plasma supplement.


Please contact us with any questions you may have.