Bacteriology, Mycology and Parasitology

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Section Chief

  • Dr. Nicole Aulik (ext. 2140)

Bacteriology Supervisor

  • Beth Angell (ext. 2129)

Microbiology Serology & Molecular Supervisor

  • Jennifer Cooper (ext. 6124)

WVDL Phone:  

        (608) 262-5432 or 1-800-608-8387

  • Bacteriology (ext. 6901)
  • Bacterial Serology (ext. 6903)
  • Molecular Diagnostics (ext. 6626)

Section E-mail:  info@wvdl.wisc.edu


Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing

Colostrum, Waste Milk and Milk Replacer Bacterial Culture Interpretation

Leptosporosis in dogs

Leptosporosis in Large Animals

Johnes Disease Interpretation Guidelines

Mastitis Resources

Recognizing and Preventing Neosporosis Infections



Sample Collection

Bacterial Culture of Colostrum

Campy and Trichomonas Testing

Swine Oral Fluids Collection Instructions

Use of Deep Nasopharyngeal Swabs

Submission Guidelines

Campy & Trichomonas

Enteric Disease

Submission Forms

Bovine Enteric Disease Panels Form

Bovine Respiratory Disease Panels Form

Fish Diseases Form

General Submission Form

Johnes Disease Diagnostics Form

Milk Culture Form

Pink Eye Diagnostics Form

Semen Form

Serology Form

Venereal Agents Form

Supply Orders

Avian Swab Kit Order Form

Bovine Environmental Salmonella Kit Order Form

Pharyngeal Swab Kit Order Form

Microbiology Media Order Form

Veterinary Supplies Order Form