WVDL Staff Member Returns from Island of Grenada

Allison on a hike. She is holding nutmeg from the Spice Island (what the Island of Grenada is called) that has just been picked.

Klein Returns to WVDL After Eight Week Training Project on the Island of Grenada

Finishing up her eight-week training project at St. George’s University on the Island of Grenada, Allison Klein has had an excellent experience and is ready to come home to Madison. Allison is a histotechnologist at the WVDL and has been helping train a new histotechnologist in the Pathology Department at the St. George’s University Veterinary School.
Allison reports the training has gone very well and the H&E, along with new special stains, look great heading off to the pathologists. One of the problems they have had is getting the microtome fully functional. Staff has been hampered by significant time delays in receiving new shipments of replacement parts and blades to the island of Grenada, which is near Trinidad and Tobago.
Klein says, “I’ve learned a lot about not only histology, but also about the island and the people that live here. I’ll be excited to tell you all about it when I get back!”


Jessica Holland, a Medical Illustrator at SGU, is being trained in histology techniques at the hood.
A new histotechnician ata SGU, Veronica Alexander is shown here at the embedding station.
A new histotechnician at SGU, Veronica Alexander, is shown here at the embedding station.
Dr. Keshaw Tiwari practicing sectioning at the microtome.
Dr. Keshaw Tiwari practicing sectioning at the microtome.