WVDL Awarded Full AAVLD Accreditation

WVDL Receives Full, 5-Year, All-Species AAVLD Accreditation

Quality Manager Kristin Zuzek holds up the AAVLD Accreditation Certificate recently awarded to WVDL.
Quality Manager Kristin Zuzek holds up the AAVLD Accreditation Certificate recently awarded to WVDL.

The Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory was recently awarded a five-year full, all-species accreditation by the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD).  This is the longest term of accreditation awarded by AAVLD.  AAVLD accreditation is based on internationally-recognized ISO/IEC 17025 and parts of the ISO 9000 series that are relevant to the scope of testing.  The AAVLD standard incorporates the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Quality Standard and Guidelines for Veterinary Laboratories.

The AAVLD accreditation process involves a detailed review of laboratory programs and includes a comprehensive on-site audit of the laboratory quality system.  The site visit team, consisting of four members of the AAVLD Accreditation Committee and auditor pool audited both the Madison and Barron laboratories in October, 2013.  The AAVLD audit focused on conformance to the WVDL Quality Manual, Quality Systems Standard Operating Procedures and the AAVLD Requirements for an Accredited Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (Version 6.1, June 2012).

The AAVLD site visit team reviewed records, observed practices and interviewed staff with regards to  training and competency programs, equipment management, facilities, safety programs, test validation, records management, and all activities from specimen receiving through results reporting, sample retention and disposal.  In addition to interviewing laboratory staff, the AAVLD site visit team also met with members of the WVDL Board of Directors, Dr. Sherry Shaw, USDA/APHIS/VS Area Veterinarian In Charge for Wisconsin and Ms. Sandra Larson (Chairperson), Business Relations Manager, Larson Acres Inc.  According to WVDL Quality Assurance Manager, Kristin Zuzek, “AAVLD accreditation is formal recognition of laboratory competence and supports our commitment to providing services which meet or exceed the accreditation standard.”