WVDL Price Changes for 2014

Announcement of Price Changes

Effective 1 Jan 2014 the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory will increase prices of selected tests. This decision was not made lightly but was forced upon the laboratory by rising costs, such as the cost of supplies, tests kits, and utilities. (Although the WVDL is supported by state funds, this funding only supports staff salaries. All other laboratory expenses are supported by testing fees.)

The price change does not apply across the board to all tests. Some tests were excluded for a number of reasons: prices recently raised, prices set by contract, etc. Because multiple tests are affected, it is not practical to list price changes individually in this announcement. However a list of affected prices will be available on the WVDL website. In addition, the Table of Tests and Fees on the WVDL website will display updated prices on 1 Jan 2014. (wvdl.wisc.edu) These two resources will enable you to determine if the new prices will affect your practice and your clients.

The WVDL Board of Directors approved the price changes after weighing the increased cost to our clients against the increasing costs of performing tests. We regret the need to raise prices and did not take this step without careful consideration.

If you are interested in what tests are being increased please CLICK HERE

The WVDL will continue to provide high quality testing and outstanding customer service. Please contact us if you have questions or comments.

Peter Vanderloo

Associate Director