WVDL No Longer Offers Brucellosis RAP Test


Rap Test No Longer Offered

The BAPA test is now the official Brucellosis screening test used at the WVDL. The RAP test will no longer be offered. Discontinuation of the RAP at the WVDL should not pose any difficulty for our submitters. Use of the BAPA will meet all the requirements for an official Brucellosis screening test for B abortis, B suis, and B mellitensis. Please note that the BAPA test is not suitable for serologic screening for Brucella ovis or B canis. Testing for these two organisms requires alternate tests.

Brucellosis screening can be requested by using the Serology & Multiple Test Submission Form (available on the WVDL website: wvdl.wisc.edu). Mark the box selecting “Bruc/BAPA.” Additional information on the BAPA test is available on our website.

Please note that the Standard Tube Test (STT) and Standard Plate Test are (SPT) are not screening tests for Brucellosis. These tests should only be requested if they are a specified test requirement.

Please contact us if you have questions or concerns.