WVDL-Madison Increases Disposal Charges

Beginning August 1, 2019 we will charge clients $1.50 per pound for alkaline hydrolysis tissue digestion and $6.00 per 100 pounds for rendering.  We have done our best to keep the cost of carcass disposal to our clients very low over the years.  Due to increases in cost over the last few years, we are raising the rates of our animal disposal options. 

The cost of operating our alkaline hydrolysis tissue digester is difficult to estimate.  Recently we worked with a Mechanical Engineer and the Manufacturer to calculate the cost and found that we were offering this disposal method at about a third of the cost of operation.

Disposal method Previous price / lb New price / lb
Digestion $0.50 $1.50
Rendering $0.00 $6 / 100 lbs

If you have questions about this change in disposal pricing please don’t hesitate to contact us.