The Importance of Diagnostic Testing for the Global Cattle Genetics Industry

Check out our latest podcast on “Pathologically Speaking” to learn interesting facts and history on bovine genetics as well as how the WVDL plays a critical role for the global cattle genetics industry.

“Pathologically Speaking” is a podcast produced by the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. These podcasts consist of discussions and interviews with individuals focusing on current agriculture and veterinary related topics. On our most resent podcast, Dr. Jim Meronek from the American Breeders Services (ABS – Global), stops by to discuss the bovine genetics industry. Dr. Meronek shares his history as a veterinarian in the cattle genetics industry as well as some interesting facts about bovine genetics and his time spent on the WVDL Board of Directors. Please follow this link to learn more about the global cattle genetics industry and how the WVDL plays an important role in providing expert diagnostic testing for this sector of the cattle industry: . If you are looking to catch-up on more of the podcasts produced by the WVDL they can be found at this same link. So what are you waiting for? Hit that link and enjoy more podcast at “Pathologically Speaking”!