WVDL Biopsy Service Information

The Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (WVDL) offers high-quality surgical biopsy services with fast turn-around time.  For biopsy mailer boxes, shipped to your clinic free of charge:
1. Use the following form WVDL Veterinary Supplies Order Form.pdf
2. Choose Biopsy Submission Kit on the form. Specify preference of two small or one large-size container(s) per biopsy kit.
3. Submit request via email (supply.room@wvdl.wisc.edu) or fax (608-416-1539).
Contact WVDL Madison:
Toll free 800-608-8387 in Wisconsin

Free ground shipping of your biopsy specimens to WVDL is handled by United Parcel Service (UPS) for your convenience. UPS generally provides next-day delivery of your biopsies to WVDL, which improves the turnaround time for biopsy results.

Check HERE to see estimated transit times for UPS ground shipping.

  • Typical turnaround time for biopsy reporting is two working days after receipt of the sample.  Extra time may be needed for cases with special stains (e.g., for microbes) or decalcification (bone, teeth).
  • FREE biopsy mailing kits are available from WVDL, and include: Pre-addressed, prepaid mailing box, with either one 120 ml formalin vial for large biopsies, or two 30 ml vials for small biopsies (Please specify which formalin container you would like). Zip-lock bag to contain formalin vial(s). Biopsy submission form. Upon request, a micro-screen cassette to protect small or fragile biopsies.
  • Submission forms can also be filled out electronically and printed from our web site, www.wvdl.wisc.edu.

Biopsy Pricing Information

Prices include the WVDL $10 accession fee and shipping costs ( Call WVDL for 1-day shipping costs if outside of 1-day transit zone).  Prices are per animal.

  • Histopathology

Fees for histopathology cover routine H&E diagnostic slides and up to 3 special stains, if needed.

1 – 3 slides:  $53.00
4 – 8 slides:  $63.00
9 – 12 slides: $87.00
>12 slides: $104.00

  • Cytology

Cytology is performed by UW-SVM Clinical Pathologists.  Pricing varies; please call UW-SVM Clinical Pathology Lab at 608-263-9934.
*Caution: Formalin vapors degrade cytology. Do not package or ship biopsy and cytology specimens together, unless biopsy is double bagged.

  • Immunohistochemistry for Tumors

Prices vary depending upon type of stain/antigen and how many IHC’s need to be performed. Please contact WVDL for more information.

For second opinions, telephone questions, and consultations with a WVDL pathologist:

  • Original submission at WVDL:  No charge
  • Original submission elsewhere:  Regular biopsy pricing, per slide, applies.

We welcome the opportunity to impress you with our quality testing and customer service. Thank you for considering WVDL.