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Section Chief:  Dr. Ailam Lim (ext. 3204)

Section Supervisor:  Audrey Dikkeboom (3205)

Section E-mail:

Phone: (608) 262-5432 or 1-800-608-8387



Salmonella PCR and Culture Workflow at WVDL

Real-time PCR Ct Values

Sample Collection

BVD PCR (Ear notch) Sampling Collection Guidelines

Swine Oral Fluids Collection Instructions

Use of Deep Nasopharyngeal Swabs for Bovine Respiratory  Disease Testing

HPAI Video

BVDV Video


Submission Guidelines

Diagnostic Submission Guidelines: Enteric Disease

Diagnostic Submission Guidelines: Respiratory Disease


Submission Forms

Bovine Enteric Disease Panels Submission Form

Bovine Respiratory Disease Panels Submission Form

BVDV Nasal Swab Submission Form

Fish Disease Diagnostics Form

General Submission Form

Semen Microbiology Diagnostics Form

Serologic and Multiple Test Submission Form

Venereal Agent Diagnostics Submission Form


Supply Order Forms

AI Swab Kit for PCR Order Form

  • For proper sampling techniques, please see ‘HPAI Video’ link under sample collection

Pharyngeal Swab Kit Order Form

Swine Oral Fluids Test Kit Order Form