NEW UPDATE: Swine Oral Fluid Testing

The WVDL is no longer performing Swine Oral Fluid Testing as of 7/17/2020. Due to a low number of samples received since testing began at WVDL and high cost to WVDL for reagents and supplies, we will be discontinuing PRRS and SECD PCRs on oral fluids. Please also be aware that we will no longer be carrying supplies for this testing as well but can guide you to options that offer supplies for this testing – see below for contact information at the WVDL. 

  • We recommend sending samples directly to alternative labs that perform swine oral fluid testing.  If you are unsure of an appropriate lab to send these samples to, please contact the WVDL and we will be happy to discuss testing lab options.
  • Rope-testing kits are no longer available. For further ordering option please contact us via email: or by phone: 608.262.5432 and asked to be directed to our Diagnostic Supplies Coordinator.

We appreciate your understanding on this decision to discontinue this testing and are here to assist you with alternative options.