Service interruptions at WVDL due to COVID-19

Update to service interruptions at WVDL due to COVID-19 Tuesday 3/17/2020

WVDL-Madison will provide diagnostic services with potentially significant delays
We ask that veterinarians triage samples sent to assist us during short staffing
Operational status will be re-evaluated daily.
Contact us with questions or testing needs.

Working through this difficult time with COVID-19, we at WVDL are working to get as many samples as possible tested to assist with product movement and animal health.  We know that lack of diagnostic testing can be a limiting factor for many facets in your practices and businesses.

We have found from the specimens that continue to arrive, that it is very difficult to decide what testing to prioritize and what testing not to perform. The grand majority of our clients are already only sending samples that are absolutely necessary with the down dairy economy of the past 6 years, making the definition of “essential” challenging.

To simplify the message and plan for the roughly 3000 clients of the WVDL, we will accept your diagnostic samples effective Wednesday, March 18th, 2020. There will be delays in testing turnaround that could range from days to weeks. Please keep this in mind when working with your clients to take and submit specimens.  We may not be able to run all diagnostic tests requested but will do the best we can as staffing levels may change. 

Sending your samples to other veterinary diagnostic laboratories should be considered.  Many other laboratories are in similar situations with national recommendations for social distancing resulting in decreased staff levels.  Please contact them prior to sending samples. 

We are having trouble answering all phone calls and hope to improve this service by the end of the week. We recommend that questions be emailed to Those questions are routed to the appropriate sections to be answered the best that we can.

Please see Click HERE for our FAQ related to this event and other helpful information.  Thank you for your patience and understanding of the issues we are all facing with COVID-19.

The AVMA has an excellent, up-to-date webpage for COVID-19 information:
Please contact us with questions,
Keith Poulsen, Director WVDL

Thank you for taking the time to read this information and please contact us at any time with questions.