What is the status on the tests that I ordered?

First you can check the online portal to find up to date information on your test.  After that if you need further information, please call (608)262-5432 with your accession number.


How much does a certain test cost?

Check website for TEST AND FEES.  For detailed information concerning more complicated testing (necropsy), please call (608)262-5432.


I am the owner of a sick/deceased animal(s).  How much does a certain test cost?

It is the policy of the WVDL for all samples to be submitted by a veterinarian.  Please contact your vet and they can provide you with that information.


How can I order supplies?

Review and fill out the supply order forms at https://www.wvdl.wisc.edu/index.php/forms/ . You may fax them in at (608)416-1539.

NOTE: The WVDL no longer supplies federal veterinary supplies (this includes ALL non-export tuberculin* orders and federal forms). To request supplies, contact the Wisconsin APHIS VS staff at (608) 662-0600.

For Health Certificates, Animal Tags and Vaccination Books, contact or send your request to: Wisconsin DATCP toll-free: (800) 572-8981 Phone: (608) 224-4872


How can I order shipping labels?

Review https://www.wvdl.wisc.edu/index.php/shipping-information/ . Shipping labels can be ordered by filling out the Shipping Label Order Form, and e-mailing or faxing it to our supply department.  E-mail labels are usually processed and sent within one hour.  Labels that need to be printed are sent out for next day delivery.