Effective immediately, the WVDL will no longer be able to offer rendering as a disposal method for horses, regardless of euthanasia method. The company with which WVDL contracts for rendering services informed us on August 16, 2019 that they will no longer accept horses or horse parts for rendering, regardless of euthanasia method. We are working on finding alternative and more cost-effective disposal solutions, including cremation, with current and future vendors. Digestion is available as a disposal method for horses submitted to the Madison WVDL location, the cost is $1.50/pound for in-state clients and $2.25/pound for out-of-state clients. For both Madison and Barron locations, utilizing a bottle necropsy for equine diagnostic testing is the most cost effective option. If you plan to submit a full body equine necropsy, please call the WVDL to discuss your disposal options.