EIA (Coggins) Testing Improvements at WVDL

Equine Infectious Anemia Virus (EIA/Coggins) Testing Improvements at WVDL

WVDL has adjusted pricing and removed out of state fees for EIA testing, which is performed at our Barron Laboratory. There are no accession fees on EIA testing and we are ready to provide high quality service to you and your horse owners.

WVDL remains open and operating at near-normal status at this time.

EIA Testing is in full swing at the Barron Laboratory and the WVDL is excited to launch new fee structure for this testing. We have eliminated out-of-state charges for EIA testing and have gone to a single price, $8/ sample for all EIA ELISA tests. We still do not charge an accession fee for EIA testing. Click here for a link to our EIA testing information.

EIA submissions are tested daily at the WVDL Barron Laboratory. Samples received by noon will have same day testing. Samples should consist of 1ml serum, refrigerated and shipped with cold pack. WVDL accepts three submission types for EIA testing: including the Official Federal VS 10-11 Form (carbon paper) , Global Vet Link (electronic), and the APHIS Veterinary Services Process Streaming (VSPS) (electronic).

We would like to bring your attention the release of new regulations by the USDA in October of 2019. Click here to see VSG-1520.1. This is a great document to reference when submitting samples for the requirements of submission and reporting of results.

If at any time you have question or concerns, feel free to contact the Barron Laboratory at 715-637-3151. We are happy to assist you.

Our exceptional service and dedication presents us an opportunity to be your EIA testing provider for years to come.