Change in Delivery of WVDL Monthly Billing Statements

WVDL Improves Process for Monthly Invoicing of Clients


The WVDL will initiate a more efficient method for delivering monthly billing statements to our clients. This change will start with statements generated on 1 Sept for August 2014 testing. Starting with that billing cycle we will provide statements to our clients using either email or USPS (but not both).

  •  If your clinic has an email address, we will send the statement to that email address. (Email will be our preferred way of providing information to submitters. It is the most reliable and efficient for us.) The statement will be sent to the primary clinic email address. For clinics receiving test results by email, this method of information transfer is already in place, and the change should be seamless.
  •  If clinics do not have an email address, we will send billing statements by USPS.
  •  We will no longer send billing statements by FAX.
  • There will be no change in the process for delivering test results. This change applies only to the sending of monthly billing statements.

If your clinic wants invoices to go to a separate e-mail address (such as an accountant), then you can forward the email message from WVDL to the desired recipient. We have created a mailbox ( to facilitate communication regarding changes of email addresses for billing purposes or for any questions regarding billing statements.

This change in delivery of monthly billing statements improves efficiency and reliability in our internal processes. We believe this change will have minimal impact on you, our clients.

Please contact us if you have comments or questions.