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Canine Influenza Cases Confirmed in Wisconsin



Photo courtesy of SPCA

Wisconsin Dog owners should be aware that several canine influenza virus (CIV) cases have been confirmed in Wisconsin since the beginning of the year.

This virus is very easily spread and respiratory symptoms can persist for up to 3 weeks.  In some dogs these symptoms may be severe, leading to pneumonia and hospitalization.

Through participation in the National Canine Influenza Taskforce, the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has been able to confirm the following information regarding canine influenza (CIV) activity in Wisconsin in the first three months of 2016:


January 2016

  • 6 cases of H3N2 in Racine by PCR
  • 1 case of H3N2 in Milwaukee by PCR
  • 1 case of H3N2 in Green Bay by PCR

February 2016

  • 3  confirmed H3N2 cases in the Green Bay area and 1 in Racine tested by PCR
  • 10 cases in Green Bay with serological positive results indicative of past exposure to H3N2

March 2016

  • 3 cases in Green Bay with serological positive results indicative of past exposure to H3N2


Quick reference for small animal practitioners can be found here:

The WVDL, along with multiple other veterinary diagnostic laboratories can perform CIV testing from nasal swabs.  It is important that the swabs are NOT cotton or have wood sticks.

If viral media is not available, please submit the swab in 1 ml of sterile saline. At the WVDL, CIV testing can be done as a single test or as part of a respiratory panel. If positive for CIV, the virus will be typed to determine if it is H3N2 or H3N8.


Please contact us at any time with questions and see our website for submission details:

We will send out additional information as laboratories report their results to the Taskforce.